My name is Michael Murray and I run Vimpulse Productions. I’m a Durham College Graduate of the Video Production and Advanced Film-making program.

I started being interested with cameras back when I was 11. That is when I got my first small handheld camera. Back then I was taking photos with out thinking about the lighting and the other major things that you need to consider before you take that one photo. Started a photography club at my elementary school and got others to join to help with the load of work.

Just some camera’s I used way back then

Kodak C160 Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

When I started high school, I created a YouTube channel, it was for some random/gaming videos. During that time I started to become more of drama nerd and tried out for a lot of plays just like I did back in elementary school. And with being in drama I learned a lot of different stage techniques, how to light a scene, keep actors motivated and also how to get certain reactions out of the actors. And then I also dabbled in learning guitar and singing. During this time I started creating short stories about kids who are enrolled in a super school for special needs individuals, and it had a twist which was, the students had disabilities and super powers.

Then it came around to picking a college program and got accepted into Video Production at Durham College because it was local.

For Video Production, they thought me all the basics (even if I knew a lot of them already) and some advanced video and photo techniques in the first year of the program. I made connections with multiple people. We helped each other succeed and mastered our craft. In the second year of that program it was more competitive. We all wanted to stand out and make a name for our self’s. As for myself I was called a Documentary shooter and Video Editor, as I was more into making documentaries about things that I feel are important. For example Being a Parent of Kids with Disabilities, which was based on my mother.

Starting Advanced Film making was a big leap going from making documentaries to making short films. During this course I relearned a lot after effects on my own to prepare for my short film. I contacted my friends and got them to help out as my crew. The idea for my short film came to me vary fast as it is the future events of my short story that I created in high-school long ago.